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Florence- Italy

Florence: I can return to this city many times and never tire of its beauty. There are so many alluring attractions including the soaring Duomo with an unforgettable facade, the magnificent and revered statue of David at the Uffizi, and the spectacular Tuscan cuisine. Visiting Florence in October during the white truffle and porcini mushroom season is a must. The weather is perfect for strolling the narrow streets and getting lost in this beautiful city.

My stay at the Four Seasons Florence provide an extraordinary experience. The original building is a 15th century palazzo that took 7 years to restore and create this masterpiece property. The hotel features all of the original architecture including the floors and frescoes, a private garden with an outdoor pool and a pristine spa, all complimented by the Four Seasons' extraordinary service. I could have easily spent more than my three days there.

Though this hotel is only a 10 minute walk from the Duomo, the seclusion of the property created the illusion of being miles from the city and has the true feeling of a resort. When I visit most cities, I find that it's important to stay in the center, which made me hesitant to book this hotel. Outside my door was not the usual crowd of gazing tourists and whirlwind of people; however, I was pleasantly surprised and very delighted by the location.

I can't say enough about how beautiful this hotel is. Walking through the halls on the second floor where the nobles lived centuries ago made me feel incredible; I could almost envision the scene. The rooms are stunning, complimented by every amenity you could imagine. Rooms facing the park are strongly recommended as you can gaze out to the tranquil scenery, thus giving you a sense of being in the country. This property is perfect for a romantic stay, a family holiday or even a wedding or anniversary celebration. I can envision an elegant and picturesque reception in the park or in one of their beautiful ballrooms.

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