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Paris, France: Four Seasons Hotel George V

The charm of Paris is characterized by its prim tree line, bold architectural facades and a sense of majestic antiquity. Strolling through this lavish historic neighborhood, it feels as though you have been transported centuries in the past. The timeless quality and meticulous maintenance of the city setting is a testimony of how Paris is, was and always will be immaculately beautiful. The stunning context radiates within, making you feel just as regal as your surroundings. The prominent sense of style is an aspect that I absolutely love as locals are all dressed very fashionably, no matter their age. The characteristic sophistication and elegance permeates throughout the city and is embodied by the exquisite cuisine, high-end boutique shops, fine art & architecture.

Centrally located at the perfect distance between the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, the hotel is also a very short walk to the famous Avenue des Champs-Élysées, world renowned for high-end designer shopping. While in this remarkable coveted area of Paris, named the Golden Triangle, everything is conveniently within your reach. Four Seasons Hotel George V, the “Jewel of Paris,” is highly regarded and known to be brimming with exceptional exotic florals by acclaimed visionary Jeff Leatham, who also shares his expertise through an exclusive in-house private course on curating creative arrangements. A beautiful trademark of this location, the striking daily displays are sought out by droves of visitors simply looking to photograph the awe-inspiring design. The warmer seasons present a special opportunity to augment the courtyard in a similar gorgeous manner. Walking through the expansive entry, you are welcomed into a grandiose lobby, doused in sunlight, luxurious finishes and meticulous architectural details. Complementary to the plush decor and luxurious amenities, is the unparalleled hospitality of the Four Seasons staff. The art of service is truly perfected here through intuitive provisions and an abundance of pleasant surprises.

Reserving a suite at the Four Seasons is a flawlessly authentic experience and can be compared to staying in Paris in your own private dwelling by virtue of the hotel’s convenient location as well as “all the comforts of home” … and much more. The smooth composition of the suite flows through the thoughtful layout of the furniture and this spatial harmony is emphasized in the deliberate placement of luxurious hospitable offerings. Additionally, the top-tier accommodations at the hotel have recently undergone an invigorating renovation. The Presidential Suites were uplifted with a renewed color palate of light and airy hues to brighten the space. Dictated by the rich cultural tradition, these quarters are highlighted by stately furnishings, classy finishes, genuine antique tapestries, toile wall coverings, intricate wood molding, and well-appointed décor. Through impeccable foresight, all conceivable amenities are thoughtfully prepared for you without the need to ask, which vastly differentiates this hotel from any other. This proactive, anticipated service and extra effort make staying at the Four Seasons an absolutely divine experience.

Aside from the numerous restaurants found in the city, there are many excellent award-winning options within the hotel grounds. I had the pleasure of dining at Le George, which was truly spectacular. Every dish from, appetizer to dessert, was an explosion of Mediterranean flavor and sized to portions that were perfect for sharing. With an abundance of natural light and double-height windows facing the inner courtyard, there is the liberating sensation of being outdoors, though you are seated inside. Garnering 3 Michelin Stars, Le Cinq offers phenomenal meals spanning breakfast, lunch and dinner of traditional French fare, which are marked with a supremely stylized modern twist. This decadent and lofty formal dining room is classically composed, though unconventionally accented with palms and exotic flowers for contemporary pizzazz. In this setting, it is notably intriguing to watch the waiters waltz from table to table in precise harmony without crossing paths – a testament to their top-tier hospitality. The sunbathed courtyard presents an option for garden-side seating at L’Orangerie, where you can enjoy a delightful seasonal menu outdoors, under a glassed-in terrace or indoors – all with a picturesque postcard view.

If you are seeking tranquil respite, the Four Seasons Hotels are widely revered for their deluxe spa facilities. Equipped with cutting-edge technology as well as traditional elixirs and pampering provisions, the staff collaborates with you to curate a customized journey to suite your needs. By design, the spa is easily accessible, allowing you to traverse from your room and back while wrapped in the comfort of your bathrobe. Signature experiences and full-body rejuvenation services can take you to the immaculate steam room, sauna or one of the intimately decorated treatment rooms, which are often illuminated by subtle candlelight and prepared with crisp linens, therapeutic aromas, and soft rose petals. One of my favorite areas within the wellness facility, is the serene swimming pool that has a Jacuzzi conveniently molded inside of it. Simple moments such as lounging in the hot tub can become optimally pampering with the addition of chilled towels or served cup of herbal tea and plate of fresh fruit. It was extremely difficult to leave the peaceful confines of this phenomenal spa.

Highly recommended for families, individuals, couples and groups, this spirited city is tastefully invigorated through pride in their rich cultural heritage and modern day elegance. There are countless hotels to choose from, however, the Four Seasons George V is a magical destination at the top of my list as it sets the standard of hospitality very high and never fails to exceed my expectations. Returning as often as I can, Paris will always be my safe haven and source of luxurious inspiration.

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