As demands of the luxury travel industry grew, the clients’ unique requests drove the market to it's current evolution. From catering to elaborate accommodations to sourcing the purchase of an exotic vehicle, we have been challenged to become the expert travel designers we are today. After years of heavy interaction with authorities of the hospitality industry and sought-after properties, I realized that I had acquired the vision to bring tailored experiences across the globe to fruition - soon followed our coveted top-tier concierge and entertainment planning services that would serve to complete each memorable experience. Upon my victory to master the inner workings of this complex system, I realized that I had acquired the vision and resources to make it happen.


After decades of experience in the travel industry, I have now spent the past 15 years focusing purely on luxury travel for high net worth clients. Being a travel connoisseur myself, often aids my business decisions and provides me with insight that very few would have acquired. I have stayed at the world’s most fascinating hotels and resorts, many of them favorites of the travel elite, which is how I can attest for the quality and specialty of each property choice.


I have a true passion for planning and fulfilling the challenging visions of bespoke itineraries. I find that is not only important but imperative to analyze and finalize each detail no matter how small, ensuring a fantastic and seamless experience for even the most discerning traveler.


The orchestration of exotic excursions and private affairs has become second-nature; designing and planning events with attention to detail, cultural fascination, and seeking top-tier restaurants for clients all over the world, while sampling the world's best wines and cuisine, coveted reservations, superb service and so much more. I value these experiences as they unknowingly fueled my future. Not just a job, I share a love for traveling as well as cooking and entertaining for friends and loved ones.


Travel with me my friends… Together we'll create memories to last a lifetime.


Each travel season presents the anticipated challenge to raise the quality standard throughout the industry. As a driving force in guiding the team at Global Travel Concepts, Julia enthusiastically channels her efforts to far exceed expectations and consistently satiates the desires of our discerning clientele. She is prided by over a decade of experience, a proven track-record of excellence in client relations and extensive knowledge of the dynamic luxury market. Julia has swiftly streamlined elaborate itineraries for exclusive tours, extravagant destination events and elite amenities all over the world by means of synchronized collaboration within her rapidly expanding professional network of deluxe service providers and the world’s premier properties and venues.


A European native, Julia is proficient in English, Lithuanian as well as Russian with an exceptional understanding of global cultural standards, international communications and an entrenched interest in high-end hospitality. Initially launching her career with a degree in finance, her transition into luxury travel has been a pleasurable extension of her culturally enriched lifestyle. While engaging her creative vision for inspired escapes, Julia also extends her enthusiasm and expertise into niche interests including real estate acquisition, foreign investments, and rare collectibles. 


Her upbeat demeanor and compassionate dedication are vital traits that compel her to build genuine relationships and an intimate understanding of client preferences that often result in proactive service and pleasant surprises. Not only a purveyor of leisure, thrill-seeking adventure and exclusive entertainment, Julia embraces the joy of traveling and skillfully crafts dossiers of distinction.


Julia continuously carves the way for boundless innovation, seeking the most exhilarating excursions and elite accommodations to expand the horizons of high-end travel. With many thanks to Julia and our skilled team at Global Travel Concepts, your dream itinerary awaits…


Danel spent most of her childhood in Kazakhstan where she was born. From a young age she enjoyed traveling and exploring new places. When she was 16 she moved to China.


After 5 years of hard work and diligence she graduated from the University of Science and Technology Beijing with a Bachelor's Degree in International Economics and Trade.


Since I joined Global Travel Concepts I have acquired a knowledge of high end hospitality that has allowed me to create unforgettable experiences and work with a variety of VIP clientele.


I am always thinking one step ahead and paying attention to the smallest details, in order to make your trip unforgettable. I believe that hard work and persistent will take us anywhere that we want to go. In my free time, I love to surf, travel to new destinations and read.  


Marina joined Global Travel Concepts in July of 2021. She has previously worked in the finance & insurance industry. She has a B.S. in Economics. A few years ago, Marina relocated from Siberia, Russia to USA with her family, in order to pursue her professional goals and explore new cultures, lifestyles and meet new people.


Marina likes to travel and organize trips for her family. Specifically, she enjoys researching and finding local experiences (food, wines, artisan shops, nature excursions) that make every trip she plans, truly unique.


I am very excited to be a part of the travel team, a team that helps our clients explore their passions for travel and adventure. Traveling is a breath of fresh air. It is a surge of strength, that cultivates our inner enrichment and development.


Let your thoughts dissolve into the mountains, or admire the sunsets on the coast. What is your dream trip? Let me know and we will make it happen!