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Global Travel Concepts is proud to be an Authorized Agent of Space Perspective,

a six-hour out of this world experience to the edge of space!


Astronauts exclaim that the multifaceted, transformative experience of seeing Earth and the blue line of our atmosphere from space is stunningly beautiful, deeply compelling, and profoundly moving.

The accessibility of Spaceship Neptune opens up space travel, offering our Explorers the same astonishing opportunity as astronauts: to gaze out at the cosmos and down on our home, experiencing the wonder-filled expansion of human consciousness.


A trip on Spaceship Neptune is the ultimate gift. Couples might well get hitched with a small circle of family introducing a whole new dimension on nuptials. Others may relish the opportunity to celebrate a milestone birthday or take the company get- together to new heights.

Celebration of others and our relationships never had a more exhilarating backdrop than space.

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