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Discover Anguilla!

Anguilla is an island abundant in alluring natural beauty marked by never-ending shorelines of pristine vanilla-hued beaches lined with swaying palm trees and clear blue skies. Desired by most travelers who venture to the Caribbean in the cold winter months, I was greeted with the perfect tropical climate that erased my memory of the wintery winds I left in New York City. The pleasant climate was only surpassed by the warmth and comforting hospitality that radiated from each and every Anguillan native. All of these accommodating elements combined made me feel right at home.

Simply travelling to the island is be a delightful adventure. I chose to fly to St. Maarten, where I was driven from the airport directly to a comfortable boat only two minutes away. Within moments I was whisked away on a breathtaking cruise amid the tranquil turquoise waters of the British West Indies. The 20-minute ride is a flawless transition of scenery and the perfect way to be welcomed by Anguilla’s immaculate shores. The quaint size of the island offers easy access to almost any place of interest in 15 minutes or less, leaving you with the feeling of truly being transported to paradise.

The grand dame of Anguilla is the newly-remodeled Maliouhana hotel graced with 44 spacious suites that together create an intimate cliffside cove. By nature of its secluded setting and unpretentious aura, it is easy to say that each staff member can greet you by name after only a day or two. With experience steeped in the epitome of luxury, your charming hosts at Maliouhana are well-suited to take care of your every need.

There are two elegantly perched infinity pools - one placed above the other, framing beloved bird’s-eye views of the immaculate ocean. Aside the lapping crystal waters, this boutique resort is enveloped by the world’s most coveted beaches. One length of Maliouhana’s Moroccan style exterior guards their very own private beach that closely simulates the feeling of being a castaway. And strewn along the opposite facade is Mead’s Bay that beckons visitors to peruse the water line for long walks or even water sports. To my surprise and delight, it is never busy and always relaxing.

Exploration on the sand by foot or golf cart chauffeur, will reveal quaint culinary gems, presenting a fantastic variety of island fare. Maliouhana itself is home to Chef Jeremy Bearman who touts a delicious contemporary menu splashed with American, Caribbean and Mediterranean flair. This hotel restaurant is a definite favorite of mine. Declared as the “Cuisine Capital of the Caribbean,” Anguilla is prided by its award-winning gourmet cuisine. Heralding from a Michelin-rated New York City establishment, the chef is an expert in appealing to discriminating palettes.

The preparations are terrific however, if you have a fancy for something not on the menu, they find joy in creating you a special meal to suit your craving. It is extremely hard to have a bad meal in Anguilla. Sitting at this restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner with the glimmering Caribbean Sea as your companion is a taste of perfection and how I have discovered a number of favorite dishes. In all of its striking eloquence and majestic charm, Anguilla is the sought-after destination attuned to heighten your ability to relax, rejuvenate and recharge. I highly recommend this amazing retreat for couples, adult gatherings and destination weddings.

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