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Maldives: One & Only Reethi Rah

One & Only Reethi Rah is prestigiously located on one of the largest resort island in Maldives where there is an abundance of international appeal. Your arrival to the exclusive destination can be experienced by one of two ways. The hotel’s private yacht whisks you to the island from the airport located on the nation’s capital of Male for a scenic 50 minutes – or you may choose a more dramatic approach by seaplane, which touches down onto the manicured jetty just within 10 minutes of travel. After your arrival from across the Laccadive Sea, you can expect a full staff reception to greet you. Raising the new standards for international tradition, we were driven in a buggy by our personal concierge over the sand-packed roads to a striking beachfront residence.

One of over 130 distinct accommodations, the pristine beach villa was split into 2 parts - the lavish bedroom separated by elegant sliding doors from an equally spacious bathroom featuring a luxurious vanity, huge bath tub and the finest line of beauty products and amenities. The bright pristine space is lined with intricately carved dark woods and special consideration was given to every detail of the spatial planning inclusive of the furniture’s orientation. To greet the morning sun without having to move from your place of rest, the bed is strategically arranged framing a view to your private beachfront area outfitted with a nostalgic hammock and two cozy lounge chairs. Many of the villas feature personal swimming pools or are positioned over the water, placing the ocean at your disposal. The magnificent shore is laced by crystal clear waters that are amazingly still - as if it were an enormous outdoor bath tub. You can easily walk in the water from one side of the beach to the other at a distance from the shore due to the shallow nature of the alluring archipelago.

The spa’s organically harmonized services are performed in an immaculate setting designed to embrace a view of the infinite horizon. The facility’s structure is composed of thatched canopies and outdoor quads that house a sumptuous glassed-in sauna and superb steam room both facing each other through a lush garden centered around a massive marble hydrotherapy Jacuzzi. In the main structure there are also indoor amenities and a phenomenal menu of “journeys” founded on the concepts of rejuvenation, relaxation, holistic wellness. The professional and nurturing staff performed one of the most transformative massages I’ve ever had, thoroughly soothing all faculties and conjuring a profound sense of serenity.

There are a number of fascinating dining options highlighted by a myriad of distinctive menus. The variety that is offered can be pleasantly overwhelming as you can easily dine at the same place repeatedly and not fully experience the vast slate of tastes. Not only are there five professionally procured restaurants in which you can enjoy an exquisite meal, but there are also themed nights sprinkled throughout the week to invigorate the scene. For example, you can choose to feast on Middle Eastern cuisine in their open air or select to attend a celebration of Italian fare that extends through three restaurant spaces in a massive takeover. The property also hosts an elaborate Japanese Teppanyaki Grill for lively food preparation, a coveted encounter with Chinese cuisine as well as a prized farm-to-table experience furnished with fresh ingredients from the chef’s garden. The newest addition to the cadre of classy selections is a posh beach club marked by a world-class live DJ, fresh flavorful sushi, and the comfort of dining with your feet in sand while seated on own oversized exotic bed. For a chic lunch under the afternoon sun, “The Rah Bar” is flanked by a beautiful infinity-edge swimming pool and dedicated beach area that was made popular by the high caliber of personal service. All of One & Only’s culinary characteristics and services are held to international standards of excellence.

For the need to fulfill an active lifestyle, there is a fully-equipped fitness center, tennis courts, water sports, full-sized soccer field where you can engage in competition athletically inclined staff or schedule time to bond with friends and family. Every guest is assigned their own bike for short or lengthy excursions, which you can use when not attended by a chauffeured buggy. Entertainment on this large property spans nightly live music, star-lit dancing as well as the unique option for in-house art classes. A very enjoyable foray into abstract expressionism, enrollment is available by day or week as private or group lessons. Though not exclusively for families with younger children, the resort presents an amazing array of activities at their tremendous “Kids Only” facility designed to appease the adventurous appetite of children under 10 years old. With a dedication to dining, entertainment and fun-filled festivities, this is the perfect center to create lively memories for your active child.

All in all, One & Only Reethi Rah presents an immaculate set of solutions for engagement at any level. The property provides the perfect combination of elements for complete solitude and seclusion or an active setting for exhilaration among an elite community. The aura of the island is well-suited for ladies who prefer the glamorous social scene and equally appreciated by those who appreciate an intimate experience steeped in romance. Prided by the immense size of this property, its wealth of entertainment and a highly coveted roster of thrilling activities, I highly recommended this destination for couples, families and groups of any size.

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