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Phuket, Thailand: Amanpuri Resort

For decades, the island province of Phuket has been sought out as an elite destination for a myriad of travelers. Made popular by a high standard of quality, immaculate hospitality, and a dazzling environment that expertly fuses time-honored traditions. A modern luxury aesthetic, theAmanpuri Resort has consistently attracted guests from far and wide. The Aman brand is globally heralded as a purveyor of top-of-the-line services guided by ancient principles of comfort to create the perfect setting for exquisite experiences and the ultimate location for leisure. Upon arrival, you are greeted by traditional Thai imagery, an abundance of flowers, and beautiful local vegetation. Throughout the entire resort, the landscapes are manicured to perfection with pink lilies and overflowing greenery amid the architectural stone and wood articulations. To traverse the property’s impressive stretches of sand and lush gardens, transportation is generously provided by the hotel staff in a private buggy. A quick call to the front desk and you are then quickly retrieved and whisked to and from your quarters.

The residences at Amanpuri are strategically dispersed throughout the massive hillside property on the West coast of this colorful island. From afar, the architectural precision is embodied by the steep roofs and facades that gently peek from between the tropical tree-line and blend with the natural context, creating an environmental fusion that celebrates the presence of nature’s elegance. There are a number of quaint pavilions, which are thoughtfully designed to create a focus on the flourishing natural surroundings. These residences embrace the full distinct character of their location on the isle as they are centered around private gardens, situated to support peerless terrace lounges or perched to frame magnificent views of the sea. Every part of the property is maintained with expertise and perfectly preserved to its original beauty. Envisioned with an abundance of indoor/outdoor spaces, the lines are constantly blurred between the pristine natural setting and the wooden structures that seem to blend together seamlessly.

Highly recommended for large families or groups traveling together, are the newly constructed grand villas. You can choose a private villa with up to 9 bedrooms. To make optimal use of the hilly landscape, the residences are comprised of several floors and feature an interior elevator for easy access and spatial fluidity. The rooms are immaculately furnished with an intriguing balance of contemporary aesthetic alongside an array of traditional artistic motifs and ancient statues to embrace the prominent cultural presence. The composition of all the intricate details, textures, and decorative elements are very well planned and perfectly executed into a flawless fusion of design. Full-height operable partition-walls promote an open floor plan and easily enlarge adjoining spaces. The bedrooms are massive and complemented by equally enormous bathrooms, which are flanked by “his” and “hers” dressing rooms to either side. Steps away is your very own infinity-edge pool situated for remarkable views that overlook the beautiful Andaman Sea and beyond to the profound horizon that beautifully cradles the sun at dusk and dawn. Honestly, there is virtually no need to leave the premises since it’s very much like staying in your own hotel. Nothing has been spared to build these pristine villas that are radiantly gorgeous during the day and sparkle with chic elegance at night.

Tailored for entertaining, each of the villas comes fully staffed with a live-in house manager, butler, and if you choose, a gourmet chef. There are numerous areas for gathering, lounging and dining that could include a covered “Dining Sala.” A circular table enclosed by a rounded seating cushion allows you to slip your feet into the sunken floor space. The sala is equipped with an over sized Lazy Susan for traditional family style dining, firm triangular cushions, an organic stone privacy wall draped in lush greenery, and subtle reminiscence of Buddha. Private dinners and entertainment can easily be arranged at your villa as the staff is very eager to cater to your events and special occasions.

For a more social experience, you can descend 3-4 minutes down the stepped hillside to Pansea Beach. The sublime shore boasts seductive crystal clear waters warmed by the sun and beautiful ancient boulders. Nearby, a terrace supports­­ the resort’s expansive infinity pool and adjacent dining areas. Altogether, there are 4 options outside of your personal chef, including an Italian restaurant, fresh seafood al fresco, the Beach Club that shares the pool terrace, and the Lounge for starters and a revered wine selection. You are provided with a wide assortment of fantastic local fare, fruit fusions, traditional tangy tastes and nightly live performances. Additionally, the property’s Japanese restaurant imports fresh ingredients regularly for authentic cuisine under a lofty rooftop with soft ambient lighting at night and breathtaking seaside vistas. Through these trans-formative environments, Amanpuri showcases an affinity for candlelit hilltop gourmet.

Guided by ancient principles of holistic wellness, Amanpuri is a nurturing environment for healing and healthy living. The resort’s fitness facility, also embedded into the hillside, is designed with an ephemeral field of glass between the wooden floor and ceiling to maximize visual connection with the amazing depth of beauty out on the horizon. If you are an early riser, it is the perfect way to run until the sun comes up with an unparalleled perspective of the world. A major component of the resort’s wholesome journey is their world-renowned spa. A phenomenal experience not only by nature of Aman’s elevated standards, but also due to the aura of natural mystique from the island’s magical location. The spa’s entry is a gateway to infinite possibilities in rejuvenation and relaxation as you peer into the wooden doorway, out through the palms and to the turquoise hue beyond. Prepare to be treated with local specialties such as a roasted coconut scrub or customized immersions that can last an hour, several days or as long as you like. The spa caters to groups or individuals with focused attention on your personal goals interwoven with a network of professional support throughout your entire stay. The staff works to provide you the resources and knowledge to continue your journey to wellness even after you leave, sustaining a lifetime of enhanced awareness.

Recommended for families, friends traveling together or as a romantic getaway, Amanpuri is simply breathtaking. The personalized attention and customized experiences procured at this resort are crafted in great detail to be expertly suited for each guest. The expansive grounds naturally curate a wide variety of distinct environments to promote romantic seclusion, family entertainment or special celebrations. The fertile tropical context and panoramic magnificence culminate all five senses for a truly transformative Thai retreat naturally suited to embrace the epitome of luxury.

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