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Mediterranean Splendor - Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, atop one of Greece’s most lavish peninsulas, is home to Santa Marina’s collection of luxury villas and boutique resort. Of the many Greek islands that one can visit, I find Mykonos to be the most diverse, boasting options for both lavish celebration as well as plush relaxation. Upon my arrival, I was greeted with an alluring sight of seductive blue waters paired with ideal temperatures and uninterrupted sunshine every single day. Characterized by a very cosmopolitan scene, Mykonos is home to world-renowned restaurants and it is famed as a five-star party destination - if you choose to partake.

The island is perfect for exploration with 4x4’s or charming scooters, seamlessly traversing the seaside while uncovering restaurants and stumbling upon spontaneous beach parties during the day and night. Nammos, a nearby favorite on Psarou Beach, is a trendy location that undoubtedly prepares one of the best seafood menus. The revelry moves indoors to the bars and elaborate nightclubs that attract partygoers no earlier than 2 AM. Fun-seekers are known to cross the globe to gather in “The Center” for a good time where you can also find an abundance of luxury retailers that are often open 24/7. As they say, “If you want to party, you go to Mykonos!”

True to the dual nature of the city, you do not have to engage in the social scene. If you want to relax and do nothing at all, you can easily immerse in serenity once you retreat to your oasis at Santa Marina. The ambiance is highlighted by soft remnants of local melodies and the looming comfort of the expansive ocean right outside your window. Santa Marina clings to a picturesque cascading terrain that descends into the crystal-clear and calm waters of the Aegean Sea. The essence of this gorgeous natural landscape can be captured atop your private balcony. To ensure you have one of the best views offered by this property, I recommend requesting to stay in the main building, overlooking the beautiful yachts that dance across the horizon from sunrise to sunset.

Phenomenal service is what fosters the fantastic experience at Santa Marina where the world-renowned Buddha-Bar has just opened the doors to its very first beachfront location. The property’s top-notch hospitality is defined by a palatial spa offering self-indulgent services and complemented by sand-strewn “palapas” for privacy and shade.

The delicious local delicacies, beautiful people, thrilling socials and the lovely seaside landscape, will all play a part in luring your return to Mykonos – the perfect destination for very discriminating clients.

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