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Miami: Acqualina Hotel

The Acqualina Resort & Spa is a luxurious tower that boldly ascends directly above Florida’s exclusive Sunny Isles Beach. Artfully influenced by modern Mediterranean glamour, the high-rise is accented by a calming palette of soft, soothing colors, combined with statuesque architectural design characteristic of a secluded seaside palace. Upon arriving, the entry instantly lures you into an intricately lavish lobby and through a picturesque procession that beckons you beyond the pristine pools and directly to the soft sands and glistening swells only steps away. Looking back at the Acqualina you will see a rhythmic series of suspended balconies that each capture sweeping views of the breathtaking horizon – that is, if you’ve requested an oceanfront setting. In addition to the grandeur and spaciousness of each room, many of the tower’s levels accommodate no more than 4 guest quarters, creating the perfect environment for extreme privacy and discretion.

If there was only one word I could use to summarize my experience at Acqualina, it would be “SERVICE.” Awarded for five-star excellence, the staff’s training revolves around a single deeply-rooted practice, “to never say no to the client.” I have been amazed at how this simple concept ignites their team with such a strong and genuine passion to provide you with anything and everything you need. From personally delivered special requests and deluxe beach-side offerings extending to an impressive array of irresistible amenities, “No matter what it is, they will get it for you.”

Beyond the stately exterior, the hotel property possesses something truly unique. Boasting several separate swimming pools, each serves a special purpose. The ESPA pool is complimented by refreshments from a special wholesome menu and reserved only for spa guests. The Tranquility Pool is accessible by adults and offers the comfort of poolside service and privacy of secluded cabanas – for those who want to get away from it all. The Beach Club and Recreation Pools foster an atmosphere of fun, family and even fitness. Another distinct outdoor element is the lush grassy lawn at the forefront of the beach, rarely seen adjoined with the sandy terrain. The greenery is highlighted by swaying palm trees that provide a necessary escape from the hot sun.

Acqualina is home to the enchanting ESPA, a world-class sanctuary expertly composed with an indulgent outdoor extension to embrace the stunning seascape, soothing ambiance and cleverly integrate nature’s abundant healing abilities to refresh all five senses. ESPA on the beach at Acqualina is a coveted destination pioneered by their award-winning team of rejuvenation experts to seamlessly melt into the mesmerizing ambiance, harmoniously housing an incredible array of the world’s finest steam rooms, sensuous saunas and organic treatments performed with their very own plush product line.

If you have not had the pleasure of visiting Miami within the past few years, you will be extremely surprised by the new modern construction and vibrant high-rise developments. These projects have attracted the interest of the world’s foremost designers who have put forth much effort into building their own proprietary residential estates. Inclusive of Armani, Porsche and Fendi, to name a few, many other high-end brands that occupy the nearby Bal Harbour Mall, aspire to create a similar legacy. This exquisite collection of lifestyle influencers bring with them a loyal affluent community, spawning related projects such as world-class restaurants, award-winning services, luxury boutiques and the specific indulgences you would come to desire from a cosmopolitan city situated in a sandy beach paradise.

I recommend Acqualina and the constantly evolving Miami cityscape for families and vacationing couples.

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