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Positano, Italy: Hotel Il San Pietro

It is easy for me to recall the many reasons why I keep returning to Hotel Il San Pietro di Positano. Carved out of the majestic cliff side of the Lattari Mountains, the property is perfectly perched to afford guests a sweeping panorama of life on the Amalfi Coast. At a towering 90 meters above sea level, your eyes seem to play tricks on you when peering at the curvy coastline that takes new form with each lapping wave. During the day, the painted views of the beach village below are strikingly surreal. And as the sun sets, the lively town is transformed into a breathtaking beacon of lights that glitter and dance in the darkness.

The native vegetation is absolutely gorgeous as the hotel grounds are graced with an abundance of lush greenery as well as purple and pink blooms that cascade across the balconies and façade. Balanced amid the gardens and stunning Mediterranean architecture, is an enticing swimming pool terrace, serving as your reminder to take time for relax.

Upon entering, you are greeted with old-world charm that playfully permeates throughout the property. The dining room is serviced by waiters in conventional attire and you can also see that the concierge safe-guards their hotel reservation book at the front desk, which is recorded by hand and pen to this day. The open-air interiors are draped in distinctive Mediterranean flair, with the intention of welcoming those who can appreciate the time-honored quality of life as preserved by the hotel visionaries. And to truly enjoy your accommodation, it is important to request a room that features one of their secluded balconies suspended above the sea.

Il San Pietro is the only hotel in Positano distinguished with its own private cove where you can savor the sunshine, bay water and casual dining at Carlino. Serving lunch and dinner, this sensational hideaway features a rustic beach terrace with thatched roofs, an open kitchen and phenomenal flavors that come straight from their adjacent garden. You can be transported from the bottom of the cliff in seconds in a classically painted lift embedded in the mountainside to find the hotel’s more formal Michelin-starred restaurant that sits closer to the property’s peak. Serving breakfast and dinner, Zass is home to picturesque terraces, one of which is a famed backdrop for keepsake photography and the perfect place for a romantic evening cocktail.

For exploration and shopping, heading to city center of Positano is swift and simple. In a complimentary private car provided by the hotel, you are escorted to the edge of town where you can also be picked up by request. The city itself is lined with black sand beaches and an expanse of revered restaurants right next to the shoreline. An intriguing fact about Positano is that there are no cars. The mountainous terrain lends itself to a series of stepped pathways that guide you on a scenic tour. It is a very easy ascent as the steps are not steep at all, which makes getting around a lot of fun.

Just outside this quaint community, there are neighboring small towns that are amazing to visit including the enchanting hidden jewel of Ravello which attracts global travelers to view their spectacular gardens and to celebrate their annual art and music festival. For an extended excursion, Positano is only a 2.5 hour drive from Rome.

Filled with romance and an abundance of beautiful sights, Hotel Il San Pietro is highly recommended for honeymooners, couples, and friends traveling together. The colorful traditional, classic Italian character and seductive seaside of Positano are all harmonized into a setting that is simply magical.

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