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Barbados: “The Dream” Villa

Barbados is home to “The Dream”, a villa perfectly named for its ethereal serenity, flawless glamour and alluring atmosphere drenched in Caribbean beauty. The island is enveloped on either side by the majestic Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, however coveted views from the estate frame the sun’s journey over the vast beachfront, illuminating the calm Caribbean. Located in “The Garden” region of Barbados, the landscape is abundant with swaying palms, native greenery and exotic plantings that engulf the villa in lush vegetation, also serving to veil the adjacent property for a naturally intimate setting. Boasting 5 extravagant bedrooms, deluxe baths and countless areas for elegant dining and leisure, the villa’s grand presence is pronounced by its striking architectural precision as it sprawls across an immaculate stretch of soft vanilla-hued sand. The rear façade is contoured by a privacy fence and divine infinity, pool seamlessly paired with the tranquil turquoise waters that are only steps away.

Approaching the awe-inspiring entrance of “The Dream”, the property immediately evokes a wave of genuine relaxation and unparalleled harmony with the natural environment. The precise planning and meticulous detail of the luxurious yet unpretentious décor have been composed of a beach-inspired color palate, subtly highlighted by wooden elements and high-end organic accents. Featuring a completely open floor plan of indoor/outdoor spaces permitted by sly pocket partitions, I felt as if I had encountered an illustrious paradise hideaway blended with unlimited sunlight, fresh air and magical views.

The atmosphere was stylized with every perceivable luxury from the finest furnishings to intricately curated memorabilia of the Owner’s international travels. The warming and welcoming aesthetic that can be described as celestial, poetic and tastefully comforting, gives way to details that cleverly reveal the maternal intuition of the Owner. If went to this villa as a casual visitor, I would never have imagined that it was made available for exclusive vacationers, simply because it permeates the soothing ambiance of a private home yet is outfitted with all the luxuries and amenities of a boutique hotel and so much more!

In the master bedroom, you will discover enormous accommodations steeped in luxury and decadence. This bedroom is matched in size by the adjacent master bathroom in which you can almost literally get lost. Simply using the facility can become an absolutely indulgent experience for those who love pampering and enjoy amenities such as an over-sized opulent bathtub, plush lounge chair, television, and an enlarged illuminated vanity.

The masterful staff is prided by their distinctive services special to The Dream such as the seamless transition of the operable walls and shutters throughout the day to reveal uninterrupted panoramic sensations. The seductive scenery divulged by your oceanfront bedroom vista can intensely build your love of the Caribbean Sea with each view. As night falls, the soothing sound of the lapping waters will lull you to sleep.

From the intuitive butler to the magnificent chef, maid, and housekeeping, the personal staff was phenomenal! The standards of excellence are truly elevated to provide you with a completely tailored experience from a thoughtfully prepared arrival, personalized gourmet menus, as well as any foreseeable comfort available either immediately or at a scheduled time of your liking. Continuous care is taken to see that all of your requests and desires are met throughout your stay. Attesting to the highest quality of planning for dining at the villa, there are almost a half dozen venues dedicated to gathering and enjoying fresh cuisine at any time of day.

Surreal seclusion is the foremost characteristic of this extravagant retreat, as it’s cleverly designed to allow your mind to escape its convenient proximity to local entertainment. Despite traveling with a group of friends, family or other couples, the expert spatial planning allows for ultimate privacy – a stark contrast to accommodations at a resort/hotel. Though the estate is comprised of numerous bedrooms and a plethora of your favorite people, the villa remains to feel spacious, airy and exclusive - never crowded. At any time you can retreat to your own chambers and remain undisturbed by any activity in the common area by means of the massive size of the villa itself, as well as the deliberate layout that promotes privacy through mindful separation. Conversely, the versatility of the villa’s composition also allows for the perfect event or gathering - if that’s what you desire. With an adjustment of the partition walls and preparation of the two featured bars, the abundance of common space can be swiftly transformed for indoor and outdoor entertainment alongside the island’s breathtaking views.

Overall, The Dream is a phenomenal experience that is undoubtedly luxurious with seemingly effortless charm. Out of all the globally-renowned residences that I’ve visited, this is one of the most decadent without being overly garish. I highly recommend this destination and villa for anyone and everyone! Friends, couples, groups and families can feel secluded, satiated and fascinated in one of the world’s savviest tropical settings.

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