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Petit St. Vincent - Grenadines

Petit St. Vincent is the premier Caribbean escape to experience the essence of island life. Concealed within the southern bounds of the Grenadines, this privately owned hideaway encompasses a lush tropical forest and an immaculate coastline of a modest 2 linear miles. Though very small in size, this destination is praised for its serenity, solitude and sincere hospitality.

Your unique experience is a framed by an adventurous arrival. Traveling first to Union Island, you are then happily greeted and led to Petit St. Vincent’s private yacht for a scenic yet swift 20-minute ride across the sparkling sea. The welcoming windswept island is home to 22 luxurious residences constructed from native stone and decorated with natural materials. Dispersed to provide unparalleled seclusion, each of the cottages and villas are outfitted with tropical accents, designer accessories and authentic detail.

Petit St. Vincent is true to its promise of a genuine getaway to paradise, fulfilling your need to disconnect from the world. Communication is deliberately limited to what you can naturally see and hear as your discrete estate is marked by minimal technology and maintained by means of a very special service. For anything and everything that is needed during your stay, guests are equipped with a set of notecards to simply jot down a request, place it in a capsule located just outside the door and then raise a flag to signal for its retrieval. The resort’s trademark flag system is designed to be remarkably responsive with vigilant staff members perusing the property in charming mini vehicles. Personally, I have never waited longer than if I had a phone in my room and placed a call to the front office. And for the dire need to be in touch with technology, there is a quaint business center where internet is provided.

From preparing your outdoor dining terrace, to scheduling transportation and setting up your beachside lounge, the staff intuitively perceives your every need and the quality of service that you receive is phenomenal. Depending on the exact location of your accommodations, you either have a short walk to the beach or your own sandy setting. If for any reason you wish to have your daily dip a distance away from your door, you can arrange to have your chair and towels waiting for you anywhere on the island.

Along with renowned relaxation and rejuvenation, Petit St. Vincent features fantastic cuisine enveloped in the aura of the comforting ocean. While enjoying savory seafood from their gourmet grill, you can bury your bare feet in the sand at the authentic Beach Restaurant flanked by Goatie’s Bar. For a more formal appeal, the Main Pavilion Restaurant resides on a romantic rise, elevated eye to eye with the palm tree tops, overlooking the lapping waves.

Though the region is a haven for sailing and aquatic activities such as windsurfing, snorkeling and scuba-diving, there is also an assortment of shore-side attractions. The picturesque Hillside Spa offers heavenly treatments infused with Balinese practices as well as traditional techniques complimented by herbs found locally and imported from Asia. Their facility can be used for your own set of curated treatments or a therapist can travel to you. For reflection amid the surreal scenery, you can hike through the fascinating flora or enjoy your intimate veranda under the stars.

Conducive to a complete island takeover, Petit St. Vincent is perfect for large groups as the management is highly adept in facilitating flawless destination weddings and special celebrations. Planners and staff members work in harmony to masterfully customize your experience, sourcing imported amenities or required equipment including, but not limited to dance floors, decorative tents, live bands and anything in between. Along with wedding and festive events, I recommend Petit St. Vincent for honeymoons, anniversaries, couples, and families with small children who are seeking an elite getaway where you can be unplugged or entertained with unlimited possibilities.

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