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Baden-Baden, Germany: Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa

“The height of exclusive pampering amid serene natural beauty,” only begins to describe the epic extravagance of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa embedded in the lavish hills of Baden-Baden, Germany. For those seeking refuge from the monotony of daily routines or searching for complete transformation from the inside out, you can customize a dossier for your stay, brimming with a range of activities infused with adventure, fitness, rejuvenation and leisure. Home to the world’s purest air, there is an abundance of restorative excursions to embrace the pristine natural setting inclusive of hiking, biking and exhilarating workouts curated by your appointed personal wellness team. Fascinating programming is available to cater to individuals or to guide unforgettable group experiences.

There is a world-renowned intensive detox program at Brenners Park that is individually crafted to optimize your physical health and desired aesthetic through a balanced wellness agenda outfitted with the facility’s advanced restorative services, treatments and a tailored gourmet menu. Your cuisine is carefully planned with consideration of your nutrition goals and one of your meals is prepared by a two-star Michelin chef that caters to your diet plans.

As the ultimate global destination for medical tourism, Brenners Park is staffed with top-tier professionals specializing in cutting-edge techniques for revitalization, augmentation and renewal. They have the ability to consult for just about any foreseeable disposition and if for any reason there is a request that requires additional resources, they will arrange for that treatment or practitioner to be available to accommodate your every need. Also complementing the revered special services, Brenners Park features a phenomenal sauna, purifying steam rooms, and a picturesque indoor swimming pool. In the warmer months, you are encouraged to make use of the spa’s outdoor extension, which is situated amidst the adjacent peaceful park.

Set against the unspoiled elegance of the Black Forest, the stately rooms at Brenners Park frame mesmerizing views of the captivating landscape. My best recommendation is to request one of the spacious junior suites, which are serviced by the impeccable hotel staff that are most accommodating - making anything and everything available to you at a moment’s notice. Alternately, you can choose the beautiful Villa Stephanie as your host. Dedicated to unparalleled privacy, luxury and convenience, this villa is one of the property’s newest additions, closely connected to the spa facility so that you never have to leave.

In addition to the phenomenal park side setting and comforts found in-house, the hotel is located within close proximity to the town center (a 5-10 minute walk), where cultural activities and attractions are plentiful. Baden Baden is a landmark for classy casinos, architectural marvels, exclusive art expositions, a unique array of glamorous shops and it is home to a palatial opera house and concert hall (one of the largest in Europe), that is highlighted by covetous performances throughout the year. Choosing to travel to this location for an extended period of time presents the opportunity to engage in an unbelievable assortment of dazzling endeavors while immersed in strikingly statuesque surroundings. I highly recommend this destination for couples, lady’s weekend retreats, and elite group travel.

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