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Dubai: Four Seasons Resort, Jumeirah Beach

Based upon Dubai’s classy metropolitan appeal paired with a melting pot of world-class attractions, I consider it to be the “NYC of the Middle East.” The region has been cemented as a world-renowned destination for dining and touts its aspiration to perfect every aspect of luxurious living. From distinguished hospitality and over-the-top services to award-winning cuisine and architectural elegance, every possible experience has been fine-tuned for optimal pleasure. Globally ranked as having the third highest number of skyscrapers including the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, these superstructures adorn the city’s skyline and compliment the overwhelming glitz and glamour that is everywhere to be seen.

The cultural eminence of Dubai’s offerings is complimented by an abundance of restaurants that represent the world’s most revered names in culinary expertise. These top-tier establishments are accompanied by an extraordinary shopping experience and a vast selection of high-end designers, all assembled into malls of surreal proportions. Aside from immaculate retail, there are several completely different ways to change your perspective of the city. From the air, you can appreciate the intense panorama from arrival by seaplane – giving a breathtaking bird’s eye view of Palm Island’s man-made silhouette. From the arid edge of town, less than an hour away, there is the coveted opportunity to visit the dessert. Such a contrasting environment from the city center, the sands lay vast and silent, muting the nearby hustle and bustle to preserve a beautiful experience with nature.

In a city of many choices, the Four Seasons, Jumeirah Beach majestically sprawls across a picturesque backdrop as the prominent choice for seaside extravagance. Making its premier only a year ago, there have been many efforts and much success in epitomizing Dubai’s elevated standard of excellence. From the beautifully manicured gardens with cropped exotic vegetation to the impeccable guest services, every detail has been flawlessly executed. This low-lying property has the intimate feeling desired from a resort. The ocean façade peers over two swimming pools where you can have a swim with other adults in 6,500 sq. ft. of seclusion or partake in family festivities amid 9,500 sq. ft. of aquatic appeal. Lining the terrace are coveted private cabanas for rent, each suited with its own bathroom, indoor & outdoor showers, as well as a stocked bar for the day. Steps away, the Gulf is strewn with white powdery sand and graced by crystal clear waters that lie absolutely still.

Areas for activity are abundant throughout the Four Seasons including the spacious fitness facility that houses almost any type of exercise equipment imaginable. This space was well-conceived with a wide open interior featuring an indoor lap pool and grand views overlooking the outdoor terrace. Similarly, the spa’s intensely serene setting was designed with top-tier precision including amenities such as his & hers separate saunas, a sensuous steam room, and specialized showers. The signature spa “journeys” cleverly integrate native traditions and are serviced with impeccable skill - no detail has been spared.

The accommodations are configured for maximal comfort and optimal leisure as the room’s layout flows seamlessly from the outdoor balcony lounge into an area of plush seating. Wandering further inside, you are lead to a welcoming bed, the hall with your spacious closet, and finally concluding at an indulgent bathing area. Personally I found my quarters to be ergonomically fitting, enhancing the sense of comfort that evokes an aura of being “at home”. A high level of luxury is evident even in entry level rooms. The Four Seasons prides their Royal & Penthouse Suites, which are both extremely impressive residences that are fit for royalty.

There are phenomenal options to choose from amid the hotel dining scene inclusive of fresh seafood, expertly prepared Arabic fare and a myriad of posh lounges and bars. There are places to satiate your appetite for brunch, afternoon tea or menus served in the open air. The Mercury Bar rooftop is staged against a breathtaking skyline view and showcases a live DJ accompanied by a roaming wireless saxophone player. Their cleverly created cocktails are the climax to an incredibly crafted experience.

The Four Seasons is THE place to stay in Dubai. With every possible perception executed in perfection, its presence is chic, classy, and tastefully done, giving it a “delicious” vibe. I highly recommend this destination to anyone and everyone. Families, couples, singles, friends will all feel very comfortable traveling here. For any needs not immediately met, be reminded that the word “no”, does not exist at this hotel. Anything you want, you can have in an instant.

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