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Zurich, Switzerland: The Dolder Grand

A Swiss castle in the sky perched atop the hills of Zurich, The Dolder Grand consistently capitalizes on its beautiful unobstructed views of the city. One of the region’s most captivating attractions, the hotel is only a 10 minute drive from the city center, thus offering the convenience of an urban hotel but with the sensation of being secluded in the alluring Swiss Alps. On your ascent, the sprawling structure gracefully emerges from the hillside exposing its antiquated architectural grandeur flanked by two brand new modern wings. Though very distinct, the two merged styles complement each other in a fully integrated manner to form an intriguing yet pleasing visual composition. The new wings represent extensions to house the hotel’s world-renowned spa and golf programs. The park-like context also lends itself to outdoor activities like golf, hiking, jogging, and appreciation of nature.

Additionally, the crisp fresh air and breathtaking backdrop create the perfect setting for a full-service wellness retreat. At the core of its proficiency, the Dolder specializes in comprehensive holistic transformations spanning lavish spa experiences, cutting-edge rejuvenation techniques, countless amenities and a scope of services that is unparalleled. A menu details their distinguished programs and outlines a list of restorative medical treatments that is lengthier than could possibly be imagined.

As you enter the streamlined spa enclosure, you are stricken by the most captivating panorama delicately framed with sleek stone accents and sensual ambient lighting. The rhythmic lengths of glass lend you an immediate glance to a crystallized swimming pool laced with chaise lounges and beyond to an astonishing view of Zurich. The magnificent landscape can also be seen while reclining in one of the three outdoor basins that range in temperature from a steamy Jacuzzi to a chilling yet refreshing plunge pool. The facility has dedicated spaces for men and for women as well as a shared lounge outfitted with a sauna, steam room and ice room. The male and female counterparts each contain two different saunas, a steam room, and three distinct Jacuzzi's. In addition, there are many “chill out” rooms, one of which has an array of hanging chairs where you are encouraged to relax with headphones playing calming music and simply sway… In the common space, you can choose to lie in a special bed filled with smooth black stones. As you relax on these seemingly warmed pellets, your body melts and nests into the displaced contour, giving you a feeling of weightless suspension. This unique treatment presents the ultimate conclusion to a day at the spa - I was asleep in seconds.

Reserving a room in the wellness wing allows you to seamlessly traverse between the spa and your room in a bathrobe without being likely to bump into another person that’s not on the same journey. These rooms in the new addition, especially Junior Suites, are positioned at a corner. The asymmetrical nature of the space furnishes a wide sweeping window across the entire room to which all the furniture is oriented for optimal enjoyment. The rooms are well-planned and spacious with an adjoining bathroom that showcases floor to ceiling panes poised for yet another gorgeous view that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your bathtub.

Recently making its debut, the Dolder is prided by its newest dining environment called Saltz. A modern approach to Swiss specialties you can indulge in many tempting choices fused from locally foraged ingredients. Prized plates range from a platter of decadent pancakes to an intricately composed portion of sea bass and sweet potato. Additionally for fine dining, "The Restaurant" is the recipient of 2 Michelin stars and presents the onset of a magnificent meal highlighted by avant-garde culinary creations.

Recommended for both couples and singles, leisure and business, this destination is also perfect for a lady’s retreat and there are spacious suites to meet the needs of large families. What I love most about the hotel’s expansion is that there are now long glassed-in corridors extending from the main building that preserve an exhilarating indoor/outdoor experience. At the Dolder Grand, everything revolves around the crisp natural setting from the restorative qualities that can enhance your inner sense of being, to the expansive views that dramatically scale our lives and profoundly shift our perspectives of the world.

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